Our Vision:

1. Bring out the talents and skills of the students through academic &
co- curricular activities
2. Develop the qualities of self discipline and self respect.
3. Leadership qualities develop or instill.
4. Create responsible individuals with emotional bondages.
5. Prepare them to face challenge of life with confidence and strength.
6. Create good human beings with compassion, love and care for
7. Develop the overall personality.

Mission :

Being a minority institution, our mission is to provide the best education to the children,
especially to the poor and the lower income group, with a holistic approach in a conducive

Our Motto: Light to lighten

Literacy drifts darkness, light symbolizes empowerment and shift darkness our motto is lighten
up the lives of many and remove darkness with the education provided to them. They lighten
up lives of many and remove ignorance